Thursday, August 19, 2010

Silverwind Refuge - HORDE

This is a common example of the Horde taking over! What used to be an Alliance settlement in Ashenvale was completely ravaged and taken over by the Horde. R.I.P Camp Taurajo.

Level 29! - Bombing Astranaar!


I've completed the quest about 10 minutes ago, but I keep bombing the place. You see, back in Burning Crusade I used to terrorize this Alliance town with my Blood Elf Rogue. I would kill and kill NPC's until the Alliance would finally show up.

But now I'm bombing the place from the air and having a blast doing it. This to me is the ultimate fan service from Blizzard.

Blizzard. Thank. You.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Level 25 - Hellscream for President!

Garrosh isn't such a bad guy afterall. We're playing World of Warcraft here. The time of common enemies and neutral cities should be ending soon! We are at WAR people. And I love it.

Here are some random screenies I took last night. A couple of folks proudly showed off their Druid skins to me.

Druids rule!

I've been turned into an Imp and I can still mount up :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Level 22 - Azshara is complete.

So I'm heading off to Ashenvale to the Morshan Ramparts to begin my tour questing there. I thought I would just touch on my experiences within Azshara. First things first! Azshara is no longer the boring zone it used to be. I've not seen all the other zones yet in the game but Azshara has changed from the ground up. There is much familiarity within Azshara for you to remember the zone as it once was, but the Goblins have gone in terra-forming the hell out of it. Entire mountain ranges removed, species of animal going extinct and warfare between the Alliance and the Horde ever present. If not for the Alliance trying to muck up the Horde's progression in the zone, the Naga are also trying to fight for what was taken from them. I tell you what tho.. The Bilgewater Goblins are not leaving Azshara. They are fighting with the Horde to stay for good.

The quests were unique in their own right and tons of fun. Its good to see the love and attention to detail the designers put into making the questing feel new and smooth. They move you throughout the zone with no trouble giving you a chance to see all the new content, but you can also explore at your own will.

I will miss Archmage Xylem and his crazy chores and tests. And I will miss Azuregos and I kinda almost feel bad about raiding with my friends in Vanilla WoW and trying to kill him once a week. I hope everything goes well for him and his new found love.

Azshara gets a 9/10 for me.

Here are some closing shots of my run through Azshara

Monday, August 9, 2010


While all the other Goblins, besides Shamans I suppose, are crying about not having a mount yet.. I get a Felsteed cause I'm an awesome Warlock. Normally I would stop leveling this guy and wait for the live version of Cataclysm to come out, but I'm just having too much fun, and Cataclysm is just way too far away.

I'm going to keep on leveling. And yes, I will do it again come live.

Giddy-up. A few more levels and it's on to Ashenvale.

Level 20 - No Goblin Racial Mounts.. but I'm a Lock!

So that solved that problem until the Goblin mounts get implemented. And oh yeah!


And this.. well this is just disturbing.

Battle of Epic Shortness

I finally went up against the Horde Goblin's counterparts. The Alliance Gnomes. Who is stronger? Who is taller? Who is cooler? YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!